Prefect cafe for the private party.

Game Hall on the private peninsula.

Game Room and Lakeview Hall located on the Northeast point or our peninsula and provide fantastic panoramic view over Golden Lake. Big covered game hall attached to the cafe provides additional 2 000 sq.feet of covered space, what can be used for the events and celebrations. We can rent for you additional banquet equipment and table ware, from the well known Ontario’s suppliers.

Open Lakeview Cafe Area

Open Lakeview Cafe Area


Rent the whole peninsula at very affordable rate.

Our cafe surrounded by seven new cabins. You have a option to rent the North part of “A and A” peninsula, including cafe and cabins, or you can rent whole peninsula, including Cottages, cabins, and cafe. During the low season, these options can be provided at very affordable rate.


Plan of the resorts property.

Private peninsula with cafe.

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