Activities in Ottawa Valley.

Activities in Ottawa Valley.

Snow_Shoe in Ottawa Valley

Activities in Ottawa Valley

  • Golf
  • Hill ski
  • Dog sled
  • Horse riding
  • Artist studio tours
  • Caves
  • Museums
  • Farm markets



Eastern Ontario. 

Resort in the center of Ottawa Valley.

Resort in the center of Ottawa Valley. Map.

Our cottages are in the short drive from the golf fields, the land of First Nations with its  famous Powwow, the heritage villages and  the various art workshops.

A reasonable drive away from our resort, exist germs of cultural and historical life, with many museums, historical spaces, settlements and monuments.

The jewel of Canada’s natural heritage – Algonquin Provincial Park is situated a forty minutes drive from our resort. Algonquin’s beautiful landscapes and the numerous rivers and lakes provide a wide choice for nature watching enthusiasts and canoe lovers.

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